The Finance centers at the Wharton School serve as thought leaders for innovative research by supporting and disseminating cutting-edge work in areas including investment management, private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, quantitative finance, fintech, policy, and regulation. We seek to enhance the understanding of financial markets and make research accessible, promoting collaboration and interdisciplinary research. We bridge theory and practice by engaging with students, faculty, and industry leaders, with a focus on preparing the next generation of top financial scholars and practitioners.


Jill Bazelon, Senior Associate Director of Student Engagement

Evelyn Evans, Coordinator

Lauren Hurray, Managing Director

Zehra Husikic, Associate Director

Jason McCue, Senior Communications Specialist

Elaine Thomas, Senior Associate Director of Research Support

Chris Trollen, Senior Associate Director of Events and Donor Engagement

FinTech Initiatives and Cypher Accelerator

Sarah Hammer, Executive Director

Wharton Initiative on Financial Policy and Regulation

Max Harris, Senior Fellow

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