Insights directly from faculty about their trailblazing financial research at the Wharton School.

How Expanding Medicaid Impacts Household Debt

Headshot of Sasha Indarte, assistant professor at the Wharton School

Sasha Indarte and Gideon Bornstein, assistant professors of finance at Wharton, investigate how the expansion of social insurance affects households’ accumulation of debt, in their 2023 paper. In this insightful interview, Professor Indarte dives into these findings and discusses their importance in the larger conversation around the economic resilience of...Read More

Wharton Faculty on Financial Literacy

Ripple Effect graphic featuring David Musto in black and white before a dark blue background

The Ripple Effect podcast from Knowledge at Wharton presents a series of episodes featuring Wharton faculty, offering their expert insight on financial literacy. Browse the episodes below: How Financial Literacy Helps Underserved Students Professor David Musto Wharton’s David Musto talks about Penn’s financial literacy course, which is being taught to...Read More

Reflections from a Graduating Jacobs Scholar: Q&A with Zachary Long

Zachary Long smiles before a gray background

Zachary Long, a Jacobs Scholar for the 2023-2024 school year and graduating MBA at Wharton Dr. Bruce I. Jacobs, G’79, GRW’86, co-founder of Jacobs Levy Equity Management The Dr. Bruce I. Jacobs Scholars in Quantitative Finance is an academic award dedicated to exceptional students entering their second year of the...Read More

How U.S. Workers are Impacted by International Taxation

Assistant Professor Daniel Garrett smiling before a gray background, and wearing a blue suit jacket.

There is a belief among policymakers that a lower foreign tax burden of domestic multinational firms will result in more jobs and increased wages at home. Daniel Garrett, assistant professor of finance at Wharton, challenges this belief in his 2024 paper, "Effects of International Tax Provisions on Domestic Labor Markets,"...Read More

Foreign Investors and their USD Holdings

Wharton assistant professor of finance Amy Huber

Over the past two decades, foreign investors have increased their holdings of USD securities – but by how much? Amy Wang Huber, assistant professor of finance at Wharton, gets to the bottom of dollar asset holding and hedging around the globe in her 2023 paper, co-authored with Wenxin Du. In...Read More

The “Growth Stock” Misnomer

Sean Myers stands in a sunlit room with hands in his pockets

This fall has been productive for Sean Myers, an assistant professor of finance at Wharton. His 2022 paper, The Return of Return Dominance: Decomposing the Cross-section of Prices co-authored with Ricardo De la O and Xiao Han has recently won the Rodney L. White Center’s 2022 Marshall Blume First Prize in...Read More